protest design, MSD, 2016

# objects for exploration
# protest design
# fuzai = abwesenheit

Our perception is constantly con- fronted with an oversupply of stimuli from our environment. To avoid information overload the brain filters and selects for the individual relevant information all the time. Through these cognitive processes each individual acts automatically and intuitively in his everyday life on the basis of experiences and de- rived expectations.
Fuzai is a project developed to not fulfil these usual expectations of impulses. Three installations are aligned to the auditive, visual and haptic sense, which are touched sep- arately. The hemisphere is made out of epoxy-coated styrofoam, which gives the recipient a feeling of hol- low hearing. A random step on the floor-plate makes the foot sink into the cellular material which is sur- rounded by concrete. The adhesive, sand-blasted plates can be attached anywhere and create unusual free space in the person's vision field. These three moments of irritation - the unexpected free space is sup- posed to stimulate a conscious and heedful perception in daily situations.

The installations of the project fuzai are signed with a link to the fictive platform fuzai.com.
Via a simple navigation the visitor gets the possibility to share white spaces on social media channels. This „empty” content creates gaps in the dashboards of other social media users and expresses the idea of fuzai on a digital level.
After posting the free space, a slideshow appears on the internet- platform. The pictures are showing individual interpretations of the projects idea, which are made and uploaded from other visitors. „Fuzai” is a japanese word and means the absence of something. In western cultures this meaning is of- ten associated in a negativ way. But the absence of usual expected infor- mations in our common surrounding can also mean a moment of pause, of inspiration and new power.