2018 Bachelor Thesis, MSD

# objects for exploration
# contrary functions
# focus on the present

Digitisation is moving into our private living space – constant, global interconnectedness is breaking down the boundaries of space and time. The home furnishings in the “Hyperreal” series question everyday habits through contrary functions in order to direct attention to the present moment.

1) future versus presence:
with this object time can only be read from one angle or discermed from the surrounding space.

2) selffocus versus surrounding
goes beyond a standard mirror, it gives a highly polished, idealised reflection or directs the viewers gaze to the surrounding.

3) productiviy versus dysfunction
reduces a desk to a work surface al- lowing flexible use, or it can become and installation with no function.

4) presentation versus privacy
offers a presentation area for special objects - or hides them when turned around.