with Marnon Aubry, Liana Kumcujan, Karolina Metrak
hackathon workshop, DAE, 2020

# arduino
# hackathon
# body expansion
# tech awareness

While in the fast pace of our daily lives we usually have very hectic unhealthy breathing, we sometimes even forget to breathe completely when we open our mailbox. Inner Empire is a collection of three pieces of jewelry for our body, which serve as a tool to connect us with our own breathing.
A small microphone under the nose picks up the rhythm of our respiration and the Arduino software converts it into three different outputs.While the LEDs change their brightness accord- ing to the rhythm of our breathing, the fan changes its volume and the con- tact motor changes its vibration speed. Can we become aware of strange peculiarities through such expansions of our body or even acquire new, health- ier ones?